Alan R Tafoya

Actor, Singer/Songwriter.

Alan Tafoya is a Full Blood Jicarilla Apache/ Red Side Plains People from Dulce, New Mexico. His Parents are Blanche Monarco and the Late: Chief Raleigh Tafoya Sr. Alan also has 2 sisters: Elvira & Alison and 3 brothers: Arden, Avery and Raleigh Jr. Alan is Married to Actress/ producer: Cynthia L. Straus and has 4 children, who are grown: Justin, Ryan, Nadia and Ali from a previous marriage.  Alan Tafoya was bitten by the Acting bug at about the age of 7 years old, when his neighbor: TeAda Vigil and others would do skits on a porch that was used as a stage and mimicked TV comedies & shows.  A humble start for a young Apache Kid on the Jicarilla Rezervation.  Alan continued His fascination of Acting through out Jr. High and High School at Sherman Indian High School with Drama teacher: Cassandra Hunter. 

Alan's professional Acting career started in 1998 in Farmington, New Mexico in a professional Play entitled: The Black River Traders which led to Alan's 1st film "All the Pretty Horses." Alan has not looked back and moves forward "Daring to be Brave!" (Thx Orrie this is a good phrase hah!) Alan has worked on Film, Television, Commercials, Documentaries, stage and is Also a Singer, Songwriter and musician.. A Lover of Music!  Alan is well known for The Deadliest Warrior Series "Apache Vs Gladiator", MacGruber as an assassin, 2 Time Combat Knife Champion 1999 & 2000 on the Documentary " Dancing on the Edge!" which Alan co-produced with Director/ Producer & Actor: Miguel Najera who has been a Mentor to Alan.. Dancing on the Edge won Outstanding Documentary at the ImageNation film festival in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005.

Today Alan lives in Los Angeles, California and continues His pursuit of Acting. Alan wears many hats in the entertainment industry such as: Cultural Consultant, Fight Choreographer, Writer, Creative Consultant for Film and Music projects, Producer and Apache Warfare Concepts.. Alan says of His Acting journey "Acting has been a Very Personal Journey for Me, "a Process of Self Discovery!" qouting Bruce Lee , One of Alan's Heroes and Influences..

What the Martial Arts was to me as a Younger Man, Acting has  become the New Tool of Self Discovery. I Appreciate what I have Achieved in my journey as an Professional Actor & as a Music Man,  I want to keep Growing and Experiencing Life in the Realms of my Life be it on a Personal level, as an Actor, Music Man, Writer, maybe one day I'll be a director..I just want to Live and Love Life to the Fullest with my Wife, My Children, My Family and My Loved ones....I remember what my Father told me. " Born Apache, Live Apache and  someday Die Apache." my Father kept it Real for Me to this day.. I do my Best to Represent my Family & my People/ Jicarilla Apaches in a Good Way..

I also want to Thank my  Wife: Cynthia L. Tafoya Straus as She is the Inspiration in my Life, especially as an Actress, She's my Living Example of an Actress Pursuing Her Passion, She's my Eleonora Duse and my Children: Justin, Ryan, Nadia and Ali are My Heroes! They just blow me out of the water hah!

N Zhoo Ghoo! Life is Good!

a Big Thank You to my Family, Friends and Supporters for their Encouragement.. Iheedin, Much Love n Respect..