Hervey Grimes Talent Agency
Alan Tafoya

Marsha Hervey                                                 Fax                                                PamGrimes          

(310)-475-2010                                         (310)-475-5851                                    (310)-475-6026    

                                   Western Religion                                         Principle                                       Western Religion L.L.C
                                   Takers                                                            Principle                                       Bear Eskimo L.C.C.
                                   Water & Power                                             Principle                                       North/South Pictures L.L.C.
                                   Horro Torium                                                Principle                                       FireBorn Films
                                   INK                                                                  Principle                                       Ink Well Productions
                                  MacGruber                                                     Principle                                       Relativity Productions
                                  Outlaw Justice                                                Principle                                       Arkfilms Productions  
                                  Life’s Blood                                                     Principle                                       Konceptfilms
                                  Las Vegas, New Mexico 1875                      Principle                                       Arkfilms Productions
                                  Army Men                                                       Principle                                      Cinnafilm Inc.
                                  Sage Women The Legend                            Supporting                                  Convancira LTD
                                  “W” The Lost Years                                        Co-Lead                                        P.C. Productions
                                  The Unfounded                                             Principle                                       Horizon Productions
                                  Maniacts                                                        Featured/Stunts                           Meat & Potatoes LLC.
                                  Unspeakable                                                 Featured/Stunts                           Unspeakable Productions
                                  Dancing On the Edge                                   Starring/Co-Producer                 Ce Acti Productions
                                  The Ghosts of Mars                                      Featured                                        John Carpenter/ Columbia
                                  Two Grey Hills                                                Featured                                       Banana Boat Productions
                                  All the Pretty Horses                                     Featured                                       Tri Star/ Columbia
                                  Yes, We Love Hollywood                              Guest Star                                    TV NORGE
                                  Special Ops Mission                                      Principle                                      Military/ Discovery Channel
                                  Deadliest Warriors                                        Principle                                      Spike TV
                                  Comanche Moon                                           Featured                                     CBS/Paramount
                                  Taming the Wild West                                   Principle                                      Indigo Films/History Channel
                                  Extinction of the Mammoths                       Lead                                            Discovery Channel
                                  Arrest & Trial                                                   Lead                                            Studios USA 1st Run Prods/NBC
                                  The Lost Child                                                Principle                                     Hallmark Hall of Fame/CBS
                                  Most Dangerous Places                               Featured                                     Travel Channel
                                  Groom Lake                                                   Principle                                      SciFi Channel

TRAINING: Joel Asher’s Acting Seminar, Dineh Acting Class with Wil Yazzie, Fosi’s On Camera Acting Class, Tommy Max On Camera Acting Class, Sheri Mann’s Actors Place, Laura Gardner Actor’s Workshop, Howard Fine’s Actors’ Studio, Jeff Cohen’s Pro Actor’s Lab/ Voice & Scene s Study, Acting Studies with Rod Menzies, Acting Workshop with Elizabeth J. Payne, Acting with Marilyn Fox, Acting with Elina de Santos & Richard Fancy, Acting @ Keep it Real Acting with Stacy Edwards

SPECIAL SKILLS: Archery, Boxing, Martial Arts, Grappling, Motorcycle Riding, Shooting- Various Firearms, Fight Choreography, Native Dancing, Guitar, Licensed Driver, Precision Driver,Singer, Knife Combat, Tomahawk throwing, Stick Fighting-single & Double stick, Police, Para-military & Investigative/ Crime scene experience, Apache Warfare Expert, Languages: Jicarilla Apache, can ride a horse/saddle, Forensic & Behavioral Science Skills

Special Awards: Soldier of Fortune Combat Knife Fighting Champion 1999 & 2000 (2x Champ)
Commercials Available Upon Request